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 We partner with leaders in reflective enquiry, exploration and discovery, authenticity and heart.
We create a confidential and creative space to refine decision-making, to strengthen leadership capability, to discover blind spots and take bold steps forward.

Why Choose Us

 We support leaders to create a high trust - high performance environment where talent can innovate and thrive. 

We help leaders develop strategies to successfully navigate the VUCA environment at a personal level, as well as with their teams.

We support leaders’ transitions into their new roles, including international assignments.

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What Our Clients Say

Rita is an incredible source of energy. She provided me with support, guidance and a variety of tools which shaped me into the person I am today both professionally and personally.  She was able to identify my strengths very quickly and encouraged me to fully harvest my inner leader with confidence and grace. Together, we worked on shifting my mindset with a great focus on mental and emotional resilience. I have taken on numerous challenges with more confidence and have recently pursued a leading role for an international global program. Rita, thank you for creating a safe space for me, for being patient, encouraging and instrumental in my personal development. You have provided a platform within me, allowing my true self to radiate strength and resilience in all that I do. What a wonderful journey it has been! ‘The sky is the limit’ has a completely new ring to it ...

​For those of you seeking to tap into your full potential, I couldn’t recommend Rita highly enough.

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Zamora Majalap, Finance Director / Global Program Lead

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