Coaching Scenarios

"I've  arrived at the C-suite after years of hard work, and it’s a whole different ballgame. I wish I had someone independent to help me navigate at this level."

Different Coaching Options for Different Needs

Coaching provides Solutions to Business Issues

Executive Development

Promote a safe and efficient environment for senior business leaders to explore and address key development areas as individuals and to enhance the quality of leadership/teamwork in the senior executive team. Develop a powerful and strategic approach to the integration of people, culture and business objectives. 

Major transformations will require supportive people strategies that inspire engagement and changes in behaviour to meet the performance targets. Barriers to performance can be addressed through one-to-one or group coaching, to convert stakeholders into change champions that accelerate the pace of transition. Managers can also be provided with the coaching skills to be able to help employees cope with the changes and identify solutions.

Strategic Change

Succession Planning

Accelerate the readiness of potential talent through one-to-one or group coaching. This could be part of a high potential or fast track program that might also include leadership skills development, mentoring, cross- cultural assignments and other learning interventions. Also equip managers with coaching skills to enable a focus on development with their direct reports, to identify and retain talent throughout the organisation.​

The Business Case for Coaching

Positive People

Building the self-confidence of employees to face challenges is critical in meeting organisational demands.

Source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study 2009 by PwC

Provide assistance to individuals who are moving through critical career transitions (promotions, new functions, first global role, new responsibilities/function). Coaching can be used to effectively shorten the learning curve in new positions. It is particularly useful in reducing the number of failed international assignments, increasing employee satisfaction, decreasing stress, improving productivity and retention.

Transition Support


Professional Credentials

Professional Memberships

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