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Women Leaders Are Good For Business

It's a fact. Documented research by The Hay Group, McKinsey, Catalyst, Thomson Reuters, Credit Suisse and a host of others reveals that companies with women in leadership positions outperform those that are not gender-balanced.

In the Malaysian corporate landscape, there is still a long way to go to close the gender gap at C-Level and Board positions. Malaysia-focused research by PwC for TalentCorp indicates that the leadership journey for the majority of Malaysian women ends at mid-level management.

We are working to change this.

WHO Should Attend?

  • Female corporate executives preparing for the next level, with 8 years or more of managerial experience

  • Professionals preparing for senior management responsibility in their firms​

  • ​​​Women in family businesses preparing to assume senior management roles

Watch Participants' Testimonials


Leadership and gender


Thriving as a (female) leader


​ Learning to leverage strengths

Leadership assessment debrief


Power and influence


C-Level communication


Subconscious biases and female leadership


​My career:

Mentoring and sponsorship


It pays to negotiate


​Organisational and political savvy


Coaching for leadership impact


Leading effectively across cultures


Executive presence


Solutions to leadership challenges


Holistic me


Action planning and commitments


ADVANCE & THRIVE raises self-awareness and creates clarity of personal and career ambition for women with more than 8 years of managerial experience. Our integrated approach of skill-building workshops, group coaching techniques, assessments and individual coaching sessions catalyses and supports a clear path of action for participants, both for themselves, as well as to be change agents in their organisations.

  • You will gain insight into your current range of leadership behaviours, discover your blind spots and learn to adapt and build on your strengths.

  • You will learn to uncover your subconscious biases and how to let go of unhelpful patterns that could be holding you back.

  • You will learn and practice how to coach for leadership impact and grow your teams into high performers.

  • You will share your leadership challenges with a peer group from different organisations and harvest rich solutions and feedback from others' experiences.

  • You will gain confidence in having a real-life critical or courageous conversation that you need to have, but you've been avoiding.

  • You will get the opportunity to learn leadership insights first-hand from our guest speakers who are successful business leaders

  • You will discover how, as an individual, you can make positive impact to support gender equality in your organisation.

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